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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the FAQ that we have received! 

As always, Whatsapp us if you have any other further queries.

  1. Do you have any gluten free breads? Our apologies, all of our breads are made of either whole wheat flour or wheat flour, and they have gluten. But, as our breads are sourdough breads and are easier to digest, many of our customers who felt bloated or had stomach discomfort when ate "convenient breads" felt well eating our breads.
  2. Is there a minimum order? There are no minimum order for any of the breads on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, but you may Whatsapp us to order a Dozen Bagels and a Set of Scones for any days, order at least one day before, by 12pm. After confirming with us, order through either our Website or Whatsapp form, select pickup or delivery, put in 'Remarks' our agreed date and time and put in any available time at the Date/Time slot. Select 'Outside opening hours' in the drop down below.
  3. Can I pick up? Yes, during check out, select 'Pickup'
  4. Can I order my own delivery services to pickup? Yes, contact us via Whatsapp, once confirmed, continue to checkout, select 'Pickup' and put in 'Remarks' our mutually agreed arrangement.
  5. Can I arrange timing outside of opening hours? Yes, please whatsapp us and lets discuss! Once agreed, please proceed to check out, put in 'Remarks' our agreed date and time, select any available time at the Date/Time slot, then select 'Outside opening hours' in the drop down menu.
  6. Are bagels and scones available everyday? Yes, you may pre order a dozen bagels and a set of scones on any day.
  7. How do I get the RM 70 for a dozen bagels? Select any bagels up to 12 and during check out the system automatically gives the discount :)
  8. Do you have sugarless and vegan breads? Our Organic Sourdough Whole Wheat Loaf is sugarless and vegan. All of the base bagel for Organic Sourdough Bagels are sugarless and vegan.
  9. What kind of sugar do you use? We use organic certified sugar in our brioches and scones.
  10. When do you bake the breads? The breads are bake the night before delivery day for them to have time to cool down and pack.
  11. Do you add commercial yeast in your breads? No, our breads are raised only by our sourdough starter.
  12. Do you deliver within Klang Valley area? Yes, we use Lalamove, you may check their service price after check out before placing any order. In the case of Lalamove riders not available during the delivery hour, we will opt for any other available service to deliver.
  13. What payment options are available? You may Bank Transfer manually and upload the receipt or through Online Banking via ToyyibPay upon check out.
  14. Do you accept COD (Cash On Delivery)? No, we do not practice COD.
  15. Do you post your breads? My apologies, we feel like having a panic attack if we post them as our breads has no additives or conditioner to make them last long. 
  16. How long does the breads last? Generally if kept in an airtight container in room temperature, they should last up to 3 days, longer in refrigerator, even longer in freezer. I have eaten a one year old frozen bagel I found in our freezer and Alhamdulillah, I'm still alive.
  17. I forgot that I left our bread out side under the fan and now it is dry! Never fear, introduce them to moisture either by spraying, or running through water, shake excess and toast, it should still be tasty to eat.
  18. What is sourdough? Sourdough or sourdough starter are made by fermenting flour and water, fermenting is like yogurt, tempeh or natural soya sauce, they are all fermented. Traditionally they were used in pau or apam before the popular use of commercial yeast. Malays would call them "iburagi". The sourdough starter then would be mixed with more flour and water to make bread dough and raise them.
  19. Are you breads sour? Hmm... Not like yogurt, we opt for more subtle taste as we bake them for our kids. Many people came to us and wondered if it is actually sourdough as they could not detect a "sourdough taste" which might be associated to some stronger tasting country breads.
  20. So what does your breads taste like? Well, it's not "plain tasting" and has earthiness feel to it.
  21. Do you use rye flour? At the moment, we are not using them.
  22. Are you guys adventurous? We would like to be, if you feel there are flavours for our breads that we could try, do let us know, insyaAllah, we would try it!